Hi! My name is Adomas Mačiulis. I grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2017, I have been engaged in photography and videography, photographing weddings, interiors, as well as cars and travel photography. I believe that every moment is unique and worthy of detailed memories, so I aim to capture all the important moments so that my clients can have beautiful memories for a lifetime. During my travels, I not only take photos, but also shoot videos, I try to get the most beautiful shots so that people can feel the mood and atmosphere of the trips. Never afraid to travel to new lands and experience new things, I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to create beautiful photos and videos. I am inspired by good composition, color harmony and trying different light conditions to create the best possible shot. My goal is to create a unique product for each of my clients that reflects their personality and style, but in subtle ways to maintain their own photography or videography style as well.

“Go big or go home” 

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